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Pros Fic: Equilibrium
Sisterly Love
Brian Macklin watched as 3-7 put one of George Cowley’s aspiring CI5 agents on the mat as easily as he would a child. Said child bolted off the mat and lunged at Bodie but the operative sidestepped gracefully and placed a judicious kick to the man’s chest putting his sparring partner down for the count. Hiding a smile, Macklin stepped forward and declared class over for the day. He kept an eye on Bodie as the agent moved about the training area picking up the equipment that had been used in the session.

The man looked good: relaxed, fit and wearing one of his trademark smirks. The trainer smiled. The man before him was a far cry from where he’d been a month ago when Cowley had been threatening to sack him for his irrational behavior. Bodie had been badly out of sorts after his partner had been gunned down in his flat by an unknown assailant. Once the mystery woman had been found and dealt with – by her own government, not CI5 – Bodie had seemed at a loss. He could be found either at his partner’s bedside or down in Records. The controller had decided it was the only safe place for the lad given his somewhat erratic behavior in the field. It seemed that without Doyle beside him, Bodie couldn’t function up to George Cowley’s standards. Cowley had complained loudly to Macklin one night over a glass of single malt about the loss of his best team and pondered aloud whether 3-7 would survive his partner’s recuperation period.

Not quite sure where the idea came from, Brian offered to take the agent off the controller’s hands for a bit, and give Bodie steady hours which would allow him to help Doyle out once he was released from hospital. When Cowley questioned why the trainer wished to coddle the man, Brian had hesitated before responding. He’d pointed out that Bodie was feeling guilty that he had not seen the danger and had left Doyle unprotected. Giving him the chance to help with Doyle’s recovery would lessen that guilt; misplaced as it was. Besides Towser could use a bit of a holiday and Bodie always was good with the new recruits. The man’s training– in the jungle, in the Army and on the streets - made him unpredictable, especially to those recruits who were sure they’d been there and seen everything already. Bodie with his dark looks, his menacing smile and panther-like speed had set many a training partner straight in a hurry in the past, and Macklin assured the controller that Bodie would be an asset in checking out the new lot.

Cowley had considered the suggestion in silence for a bit, and Brian had begun to fear that he’d overstepped his boundaries with the controller. He knew 3-7 held a special place in the old man's heart, but just as he was starting to really worry, Cowley had offered him another drink and started walking him through the plans he had to get Doyle on the mend, including a two-bedroom flat where Bodie could help out once 4-5 was released. As soon as the controller announced that Bodie would be far more of an asset at the training centre than in Records where his boredom was sure to lead to trouble, Macklin knew he was on solid ground. Congratulating himself on his brilliant idea, Cowley had offered up a wee toast to the plan before dismissing the head trainer.

Thinking back on it, Macklin’s smile widened. It had worked well. Bodie had an eye for talent and his assessment of the recruits had Brian looking at several of them more carefully. More importantly, the man seemed at ease again within his own skin.

Oh, he knew that Dr. Ross thought 3-7 and 4-5 were far too dependent on each other for their own good and that she had argued strenuously when she’d learned of the controller’s plan to put them in a two bedroom flat for the duration of Doyle’s recuperation. But she’d never been in a dark alley, outmanned and outgunned and survived because she knew every move the other man would make. She’d never had to put her trust in another when her very life depended on it. And she’d never had to leave a mate bleeding on the street or in some filthy, abandoned warehouse because duty demanded it. She simply didn’t understand certain aspects of the job – couldn’t be expected to really – but he did wish she’d leave the two of them alone. Right now Doyle needed time for his body to heal, and Bodie needed to be there to help him.

Macklin had always admired Bodie for his strength, his determination to win at any cost, and his ability in the field. All key qualities if a bloke wanted to stay alive in this job. Brian had seen agents come and go but Bodie and Doyle were special. It was odd given how different the two were but they fit together like the last two pieces of a difficult puzzle and pulled off the impossible more often than not. It would be a shame to lose either one, and he was pleased he’d come up with a plan to help Bodie regain his equilibrium while Doyle recovered his health.

Disclaimer: All things related to The Professionals belong to others, I simply borrow them now and again for my own entertainment.

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I really like this. I think Macklin is a character who has been underused in Pros fic and I really like what you've done with him here, the way he can see so clearly what's wrong with Bodie and how to make the best use of him. The timing would be excellent in that Bodie would probably be feeling particularly sensitive on the issue of an agent's survival skills.

I particularly like Macklin's thoughts on Dr. Ross.

Thanks. :D

Thanks! This is my second Macklin story and probably comes from watching Mixed Doubles too many times but he has a nurturing edge to him (i.e. when he explains why he failed but he'll make sure the lads don't) and I'm thinking he feels about Dr. Ross just the way Bodie and Doyle do.

Very nice. :)

I especially like the description of Bodie's panther-like speed. :)

I admit, I'm not a Macklin fan. But I enjoyed him in this. :)

I'll admit that it took me awhile to warm up to Macklin, but he is just trying to do his best to keep the lads alive so you have to give him his due.

I like how you had Macklin figure out a way to control Bodie and help Doyle at the same time. And how Cowley thought it was his idea. Good job, J. Thanks!

K- Apparently double/triple think is a requirement for being hired at CI5! So glad you enjoyed it.

Nicely done. You've captured Bodie perfectly, from his trademark smirk to his misplaced guilt. And I really like your Macklin. This was great! Thanks for sharing.

So happy you liked it. What can I say? Macklin continues to grow on me :)

Good that at least one person cares properly for Bodie after DIAG!
- and that he understands him.

Thank you! :-)

I agree! Poor Bodie between Cowley ordering him out of Doyle's room and no partner to look after him...who knew Macklin would be the one to take care of our out of sorts lad?

I particularly love your description of what Ross doesn't know about the lad's work lives, what she is ignorant of and rightly so. Thanks for a great read.

I admit I am not a fan of Ross' even though I give her major points for figuring out Bodie's problem - at least part of it anyway - in Wild Justice, but even then she didn't really get it. Besides, I don't think anyone can really understand what our police, firefighters and armed services personnel go through unless they've been there. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this story.

I guess that's why I understand *g* wink wink

I really liked this, as I've warmed to Macklin over time. He's a very astute man who realises that Bodie needs practical help to deal with his demons after Doyle's been shot; he doesn't need Kate Ross' psychobabble!

I'm with you as I find Macklin has grown on me. He 'gets it' and he gets the lads, even if he does give them a hard time. And after DIAG, I think Macklin's 'therapy' was exactly what Bodie needed as I imagine he'd simply storm out of Ross' office or sit there with his trademark smirk and not saw a word for an hour.

Really nice, thank you - I love the quiet understated-ness of it, and that you've used Macklin's POV. Like Tommy, he's one of the characters that got used all too briefly in the series.

So glad you enjoyed it. This is my second Macklin story and I've found he kind of grows on you if you discount the bruises he inflicts on the lads!

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Thank you! I'm not sure Bodie and Doyle would ever see Macklin as "nurturing" but I think his position gives him an opportunity to provide some support that the Cow can't.

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