Sisterly Love


My beautiful Goula has left us after ten wild years of kitty kisses, tiger tail dragging, cuddling, leaping and being an all around amazing companion. Gusta and I miss her. cat 010
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Sisterly Love

Pros Fic: In the Beginning

Disclaimer: All things related to The Professionals belong to others. I borrow the lads, and on occasion The Cow, solely for my own entertainment.

This started out ages ago as a case story as past attempts I’ve made at one have never turned out quite right. It got stalled, however, as did all my writing as life threw me a rather nasty curve ball toward the end of last year. Rereading it the other day I thought it might make an interesting ‘first meeting’ story instead, so here goes…

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Sisterly Love

A bit of Halloween Fun

I wrote this in 2009 for Discovered in a Live Journal's Re-Discovered on All Hallow's Eve Challenge. Just happened upon it and thought I'd put it up on my own journal.

Summary: The lads encounter an old mate of Bodie’s.
Disclaimer: All things related to The Professionals belong to others. I simply borrow them now and again for my own entertainment

""At first cock-crow the ghosts must go/Back to their quiet graves below"." -Theodosia Garrison

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Sisterly Love

Haven't fallen off the face of the earth....yet

I am blaming anacasta and callisto for my long silence as after seeing them reference Supernatural I felt compelled to check it out. And now I am SO hooked! Thank heavens for Netflix instant streaming.

Have discovered some amazing fiction - both spn and rpf - and seem to spend an inordinate amount of my time chasing down the next great story in this fandom (when I'm not rewatching eps).

Am starting work on a fic based on S1 'Home' but my "research" seems to keep getting in the way. I just hope Bodie and Doyle will forgive my extended holiday.